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Globe iPhone plans… WHAT!?

Wow, it’s been a looong time since my last post. A lot has happened in the Tech world since then, but none as significant for this TechAdok as the announcement of iPhone 3G. Other phones may have more features, but none of them have captured the imagination of the Tech public like this device. My favorite “feature” of the phone? The App Store. I’m a very happy owner of an iPod Touch since March this year (the latest firmware is very nice & stable), and the Store has almost made me forget that my baby can also play music & videos. So, when I heard that the iPhone 3G was finally announced by Globe, I was tickled pink, and a little apprehensive. Will I regret buying an iPod Touch?

Well, after going to their iPhone page, hmmmm… words cannot describe my disappointment. Still, I tried to understand why Globe released such crazy plans for the iPhone. Here are two reasons I came up with:

  1. Globe wants to match the price of the iPod Touch. If you remember, when the iPhone was originally launced in June last year, there was no iPod Touch, so people had no price reference. When the Touch was released, Apple “paired” the pricing of the two devices – you could get an iPhone (with contract) at the same price as an iPod Touch that has twice the capacity. That’s how it was, until the iPhone 3G was announced. Now, you could get an iPhone (with contract again) at the same price as an iPod Touch that only has half the capacity. That’s where the notorious “US$199” for the 8GB came from, because if you check Amazon, the current SRP for an 8GB Touch (without discount) is US$299. The highest price for 8GB iPhone with special iPhone plan from Globe (PhP16,800 for Plan 1599) is roughly the price for a 16GB iPod Touch, so it’s possible that they used Apple’s “old” policy as a starting point.

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