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I’ve been an “official” iPhone developer for a little more than 3.5 months (WalletWhiz v1.0 was available for sale on 31 May 2009), and I’m definitely grateful for the amazing experience of selling my app to a worldwide audience. However, my exposure to the App Store began long before my first app was released. Based on a spreadsheet I made to track all my App Store purchases & downloads, I downloaded my first free app on 11 July 2008, & my 1st paid app four days later. According to this Wikipedia article, there were 500 apps available on launch date & there were 10M app downloads during the 1st weekend of the App Store. Now, there are over 75,000 apps and over 1.8B app downloads. Incredible, huh?

Since the start, developers have released a ton of great apps & a couple of controversial ones. Also, Apple has been criticized time & again for it’s clandestine & seemingly “magical” approval process, often rightfully so. Still, no one can argue that the App Store has been a runaway success and has truly revolutionized the way we add content to a mobile device. I’d like to think that a major factor that contributed to that success is the proliferation of US$0.99 applications.



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