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DeskWhiz v1.0.1 Out Now!

Yes! A quick update to DeskWhiz (v1.0.1) is now available on the App Store. It includes the following fixes & enhancements:

  • Info button now hides/shows with overlays
  • Slideshow timing values are now displayed properly
  • Added activity indicator view while deleting images

As always, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. 😉


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May I present the official demo video of DeskWhiz. Feel free to leave your comments on YouTube and Twitter:

To celebrate the release of the video, here a 3 promo codes for DeskWhiz:


For more info, you may also visit the official website. Happy Holidays! 😉

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Homemade DeskWhiz Video

By the way, here’s a DeskWhiz homemade video done by one of its biggest fans.. my wife 😉

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DeskWhiz finally available in the iPhone App Store

Finally! DeskWhiz, which was previously rejected due to an “improvement” I made to Apple’s image picker, is finally available on the iPhone App Store. Of course, I’m very, VERY excited about this. Even though I ended up using Apple’s default image picker, the core functionality of the app is still there.

Beautiful sunset on DeskWhiz

Beautiful sunset on DeskWhiz

So, what is DeskWhiz? Here’s a short description of the app:


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DeskWhiz for iPhone REJECTED!

“I’m sorry that I can’t be the right kind of app for you, Apple..”

When I submitted DW to Apple nearly 3 weeks ago, I was very excited. Why? Besides the fact that it was my second all-new app for the iPhone (the first being WalletWhiz), DW was also very timely. It would be an ideal app for someone who has an iPhone or iPod touch and wanted to share memories with guests during parties. Remember, Christmas is almost here..

When I was working on DW, one thing that really bugged me about Apple’s UIImagePickerController (the class used to select photos from the photo library) was that you could only add one image at a time. Even Apple’s Photos app only allowed five images to be shared (although more could be copied) at any time. I would have been satisfied with that, but that feature is not exposed to iPhone developers yet. So, I sat down & made my own custom image picker by subclassing UIImagePickerController. I don’t want to discuss the technical details of how I did that at the moment (maybe in a future post), but here’s a screenshot of the result:

Subclassed UIImagePickerController to allow adding multiple=

Subclassed UIImagePickerController to allow adding multiple images


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