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Yes! A major update for StreetSmart is available on the App Store now. v1.1 adds a ton of enhancements & fixes, but my personal favorites are photo sharing through Plixi & bookmarks in the Traffic Map view. Here’s the complete list of changes:

  • Adds photo uploading support via Plixi
  • Gives choice of Map or Hybrid type for all map views
  • Adds supports for bookmarks in Traffic Map view
  • Centers map on current location when Traffic Map reload button is pressed
  • Enables reloading of Traffic Map & Traffic List when tab bar item is selected
  • Improves Traffic List view for easier browsing of traffic reports
  • Includes tweets from the official MMDA Twitter account (@MMDA)
  • Allows user to “retweet” traffic updates from the Traffic List view
  • Disables scrolling & zooming in Set Location view to maintain data integrity
  • Reloads data of active view when application returns to foreground
  • Removes “obsolete” traffic pins when Traffic Map is reloaded
  • Fixes potential crash when viewing Traffic Map on iOS 3.x devices
  • Fixes potential time display errors in Traffic Map on iOS 3.x devices

As always, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. 😉

P.S. Thanks to Alucard, jaytrixz & ryanrmd for the great suggestions in improving the app 🙂


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Presentation at Y4iT in UP + PhMoDev

I recently did a presentation in UP during the Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology (Y4iT) 2010. I talked about mobile apps development across different platforms, as a representative of the Philippine Mobile Developers (PhMoDev) group. I encourage fellow mobile developers & enthusiasts in the Philippines to join our group. Let’s talk about developing mobile apps & games, testing different mobile devices (like smart phones & tablets), and other geeky mobile stuff. Remember: the future is mobile 😉

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StreetSmart for iPhone Out Now!!!

Our latest iPhone app, StreetSmart, is available now on the App Store! FYI, the Android version recently won in the Globe Challenge for Android 2010, Messaging & Communications category. I’m glad that we were finally able to release the iPhone version to the public, so that even more people can benefit from real-time, user-contributed traffic reports for Metro Manila. For now, the application is only available on the PH App Store, though you can also view traffic reports & the latest tweets online.

So what’s in store for StreetSmart users?

  • Ability to share traffic information in Metro Manila by tagging color-coded pins on a map and leaving comments;
  • Access to up-to-date traffic information in the metro shared by fellow StreetSmart users;
  • Access to MMDA, Police, Fire, Taxi and other emergency hotlines;
  • Ability to automatically share traffic information submitted to StreetSmart via Facebook or Twitter.
StreetSmart for iPhone

Beat the traffic. Be StreetSmart.

Feel free to send us your feedback & suggestions. Help us help you beat the traffic & be StreetSmart 😉
P.S. A special shout-out to the people who helped test StreetSmart during the beta period. You guys (and girls) ROCK!!!

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