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MindMash 1.2.9 Available Now

MindMash 1.2.9 is available on the App Store now. This update disables the split view swipe gesture to prevent problems with drawing. Enjoy 😉


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WWDC 2012: Making a Difference

WWDC 2012 at Moscone West

This was my first time at WWDC. Before I left the country & flew to San Francisco, I was giddy with excitement for the week ahead. I was looking forward to learning new things related to the next version of iOS (which was officially confirmed as iOS 6) and mingling with like-minded geeks who shared a passion for Apple & iOS.

I was in the line for the Keynote at 5 AM on Day 1, and from there, everything was surreal. I was chatting with fellow iOS developers from different parts of the globe, and since I was a first-timer, they shared their experiences from previous WWDCs. We were speculating about the possible things that Apple would announce, and I didn’t feel tired or sleepy at all. After some time, we were allowed to enter the building, and I felt goosebumps as we were lead through Moscone West. While inside, we sat in the hallways while waiting for Apple to open Presidio, the room where the Keynote was held. When we were finally allowed to enter Presidio, I rushed to find a decent seat & found myself just a few rows from the front. I couldn’t believe it: for the past 3 years, I was merely watching the iTunes download of the Keynote, and now I was actually here!


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