Updates to Klieg & WalletWhiz Out Now

Apple has approved updates to 3 of our apps: Klieg, WalletWhiz & WalletWhiz Lite.

The update to Klieg (v1.3) adds the following items:

  • Support for saving previous photos
  • Improves reliability of sharing videos to Facebook

The update to WalletWhiz & WalletWhiz Lite includes:

  • Tested on iOS 6.1
  • Addresses potential crash when category name cannot be found in categories (Paid only)
  • Addresses potential crash when exporting data

For feedback and/or feature requests, feel free to get in touch 😉


DeskWhiz & WalletWhiz Updates Out Now

Today, we released updates for 2 of our paid apps, DeskWhiz & WalletWhiz.

For DeskWhiz, v1.2 includes the following changes & fixes:

  • Requires iOS 6
  • Support for iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5G
  • Allows playing of music in background
  • Includes support for remote & headset controls
  • Fixes display of music information
  • Increased reliability in saving settings
  • Changes in landscape mode cascade to portrait mode
  • Allows editing of music collection after removal of items
  • Performance improvements

For WalletWhiz (both paid & free), v1.3.1 includes the following fixes:

  • Addresses potential issues when resuming app with passcode enabled
  • Addresses potential issues with exporting data

Enjoy the updates everyone & feel free to send us feedback 😉

Updated versions of WalletWhiz & WalletWhiz Lite are available on iTunes now. These updates include the following changes:

  • Requires iOS 6
  • Support for iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5G
  • Centralized saving of Options

I always welcome your feedback for WalletWhiz & our other apps 😉

Just in time for the New Year, updates for two of our apps, Klieg & StreetSmart, are available on iTunes now. The update to Klieg (v1.2.1) includes the following fixes:

  • Addresses issues with importing photos from libraries with more than 1 album
  • Addresses potential issues with overlay help in video view

The update to StreetSmart (v1.2) brings iOS 6 compatibility & support for iPhone 5 & 5th-generation iPod touch. The update also includes the following:

  • Support for iOS 6.0 Social framework
  • Support for viewing traffic reports in Tweetbot, Twittelator, Twitter or Safari

I’m currently working on updates to our other apps, so stay tuned. Appy New Year everyone 😉

Just in time for the holidays, Klieg v1.2 is now available on the App Store. This major update includes the following :

  • Support for iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5G
  • Adds overlay help for first time users
  • Allows users to import photos from Photo library
  • Support for Paid Filters
  • Optimizes filter implementation
  • Disables burst mode when app becomes inactive

I’m especially excited about the Photo Library import & the New Filters. Here are screenshots that showcase these new features:

A library full of chickens!!!

A library full of chickens!!!

Dreaming of a big, white chicken..

Dreaming of a big, white chicken..

So, feel free to create your own “photomotion” videos & spread the holiday cheer 😉

No, I wasn’t bathed in cosmic rays nor have I acquired a cloak that allows me to hide from Death itself. Rather, the latest app I developed for Numlock, Klieg, has an “invisible” user interface. Basically, Klieg allows you to take photos & create a video from these photos. You can also choose among several filters to apply to the video, and share this video on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or the Photos app.

To demonstrate this invisibility, here’s what you see when you want to take photos:

Klieg 1

Look, no buttons!

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MindMash 1.3 Available Now, Requires iOS 6

MindMash 1.3 is available on the App Store now. This major update now uses the built-in sharing options in iOS 6. Also, since this update requires iOS 6, I’m officially ending support for the 1st-generation iPad. I apologize to users still using this device, but it would be impractical to continue supporting a device that even Apple has stopped supporting 😉